About Us

Thank you for considering Coastline Metal Finishing for your processing needs. Coastline Metal Finishing has been in business since 1987 serving the Aerospace, Microwave, Satellite, Electronics industries. The company has developed a reputation within these industries for meeting the leading edge in Plating, Anodizing and Masking requirements for precision-machined parts.

While developing a strong reputation in many industries, one of the key elements is the knowledge and experience of the Coastline Metal Finishing staff. Many of our employees on average have over 15 years of experience and many have been with the company since it’s inception. Many key personnel have over 30 years of experience in the finishing industry.

Coastline Metal Finishing offers a variety of plating finishes which include; Electroless Nickel, Bright and Sulfamate Nickel, Copper, Gold, Silver, Tin plate, Tin Lead PlatingCleaning on Titanium and Passivation. For multiple processes we have a dedicated staff for masking requirements. We also have the capabilities and quick response to meet the single process, rack and run orders. 

 The Anodize & Chemical Film department can support both small and large production orders. We offer Anodize in the Type ll, Sulfuric, or Type lll Hard Anodize process. We also have the Teflon Coating available in the Type lll Hard Anodize process. We have large tanks with overhead hoist equipment that can accommodate parts up to ten feet in length. We also have a variety of colored dyes to enhance the appearance of parts.

The company continues ongoing employee training and has obtained many quality certifications that are measurable through continuous improvement initiatives.

Coastline Metal Finishing is located in Garden Grove California.

Please contact us directly with any questions or email us through our request for quote.