Minimum Charges

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Please find a list of our Minimum Charges for small quantities. Orders with large quantities or multiple processes please contact our estimating department for accurate pricing. Due to the price of Gold and Silver all parts requiring these plating processes should be submitted for a formal quote.

Terms and Conditions

The minimum lot pricing on the website are for single stand alone processes. Please contact customer service for mulitple processing minimum lot pricing.

Anodize Type II, Hard Anodize Type lll & Chemical Film
ProcessTypeMin Chg
Sulfuric Anodize Type II $125.00
Sulfuric Anodize Type II, Dyed $150.00
Hard Anodize Type III $150.00
Hard Anodize Type III, Dyed $175.00
Hard Anodize Teflon Seal $200.00
Hard Anodize Dyed/Teflon Seal $225.00
Chemical Film (Gold) Type l Iridite 14-2 $125.00
Chemical Film (Gold) Type l Alodine 600 $125.00
Chemical Film (Clear)  Type l Alodine 1500 $125.00
Chemical Film (Clear) Type ll RoHs Compliant $150.00
Electroless Nickel Plating
ProcessTypeMin Chg
Electroless Nickel Low, Mid, Phosphate $150.00
  Includes Hardness Bake $200.00
Electroless Nickel High Phosphate $150.00
  Includes Hardness Bake $200.00
Nickel Bright $150.00
Nickel Semi Bright $150.00
Nickel Sulfamate $150.00
Gold, Silver & Copper Plating
ProcessTypeMin Chg
Gold Type I, II, III $325.00
Immersion Gold   $325.00
Silver Plate Type I, II, III $225.00
Copper Plate   $125.00
Tin Plating & Tin Lead Plating
ProcessTypeMin Chg
Tin Matte $125.00
Tin Lead, matte finish only 60/40 $150.00
Tin lead Reflow 60/40 $175.00
Tin Lead, matte fnish only 90/10 $150.00
Tin Lead Reflow 90/10 $175.00
Tin Lead, matte finish only 95/5 $150.00
Tin Lead Reflow 95/5 $175.00
ProcessTypeMin Chg

Type ll, Vl, Vll, Vlll,

24 Hr High Humidity Testing

Misc. Processing
ProcessTypeMin Chg
Masking   $75.00 (per hour)
Ultrasonic Clean   $125.00
Clean & Etch   $175.00
Titainium Etch   $225.00
Glass Bead & Sand Blasting   $100.00
Stress Relieve Bake   $100.00
Identify   $85.00
Laser Marking   $100.00
Bag & Tag   $75.00
Stripping Chemical Film or Anodize   $75.00
Stripping Plating   $100.00
Minimum Racking Charge   .50 each
Process Witness Fee   $500.00
Brush Plating   Contact the Estimating department
Bake Charge
ProcessMin Chg - TimeMin Chg - Time
Bake for Hydrogen Embrittlement $100.00 - 3 Hours $150.00 - 24 Hours
Post Bake Over 3 Hours $100.00 - 3 Hours $150.00 - 24 Hours
Post Bake With Nitrogen $175.00 (30 Minutes-4 Hours  
Additional Testing Charges
ProcessTypeMin Chg
Solderability Testing   $75.00
Steam Age Additional   $75.00
Purity Test (Tin Plate ASTM B 545) $75.00
Anodize Seal Test   $100.00

* Please note. There is a 10% Hazardous Waste Sur-Charge This applies to all lot charges and unit prices.