Passivation of Stainless Steel

Cleaned part following the passivation process

Cleaned part after passivation

The passivation process involves the removal of iron or iron compounds from the surface of stainless steel by means of a chemical dissolution, using a treatment with an acid solution that will remove the surface contamination without significantly affecting the stainless steel itself. These contaminants are potential corrosion sites that result in premature corrosion and ultimately result in deterioration of the component if not removed.

In addition, metal passivation is the chemical treatment of stainless steel with a mild oxidant, such as a nitric acid solution, for the purpose of enhancing the spontaneous formation of the protective passive film. So what is passivation? Is it cleaning? Is it a protective coating? It is a combination of both.

Coastline Metal Finishing provides Passivation to a number of specifications. One of the most common Specifications is QQ-P-35. We currently offer the following types. Type ll, Vl, Vll, Vlll.

Maximum part weight for passivation process is  40lbs.

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