Copper Plating

Copper plate

Copper Plating Process

Copper plate has high electrical conductivity, exceeded only by silver plating. Copper is an excellent and inexpensive coating for many different uses that require conductivity, solderability

Copper electroplating at Coastline is usually applied as an undercoat or strike between substrate and final deposit. We offer a tarnish inhibitor (anti-tarnish) application for those applications that require copper as a final finish.

Our plating methods include Barrel plating, Rack plating, and Brush plating. Barrel and Rack plating are immersion copper plating methods; brush plating is applied outside the tank.

Coastline can apply copper plate on Aluminum, Stainless Steel Alloys, Inconel, Monel, Copper Alloys, Steel alloys and many other substrates.

Copper plating thickness measuring is performed using the X-Ray Fluorescence method in accordance with ASTM B 568. Instruments used to determine copper plating thickness are Fischercope X-Ray units, accomplishing a margin of error less than 1% using certified thickness foil standards.

Custom masking is available for plating selective areas and applying multiple processes to one part.

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