Tin-Lead Plating

Coastline Metal Finishing offers Tin-Lead plating services including 60/40, 90/10 and 95/5 in matte finish only. Coastline has small tin reflow capability on site.

Tin/Lead plating is primarily used as a coating for corrosion protection, and as a base for soldering. Tin-lead is soft and very ductile, is not easily oxidized in air and color can range from matte gray to very bright.

A suitable underplate of copper or nickel plating will enhance the durability or solderability of Tin plating applications.

Coastline has post plating immersion coating’s to enhance the shelf life of Tin and Tin-Lead Plating. This service must be requested separately. Please contact our Quality Department for further information.

For tank sizes for this process, click here. Please contact us directly with any questions or email us through our request for quote for price and delivery information on your Tin-Lead processing requirements.