Titanium Cleaning & Etching

Titanium is frequently used as a structural element of satellites and satellite components due its strength, low weight, and thermal expansion characteristics.

Due to the work performed on the surface of the titanium during manufacture, the surface is left in such a state that it will not accept bonding primers and will not bond well. Coastline Metal Finishing has experience cleaning titanium as well as titanium etching for bonding and bonding primer preparation for many major satellite manufacturing companies worldwide.

We have extensive experience using manufactured chemical products for metal cleaning, as well as metal etching processing using acid based formulas to treat titanium.

Coastline will etch to customer specifications and regularly uses an alkaline peroxide etching process that leaves the surface texture well suited to adhesive bonding or the application of bonding primers. Titanium etching with this process leaves a properly prepared part without any hydrogen embrittlement problems occasionally seen in the acidic process.

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